Downing Oryx in The Taken King

Here’s a little side track to test embedding Youtube clips with markdown… and shameless highlighting of my jumping skills.

For any of you familiar with Destiny, the latest expansion release, The Taken King, offers up a new 6-player raid activity called King’s Fall. Destiny’s raids are easily the most well-developed content in the game, and this one especially requires teamwork, timing, and mostly-flawless execution from all six fireteam members.

The video above highlights the last boss encounter in the raid, and my role involved jumping across a series of platforms my friends generated, so I could snatch up a relic, dunk it like a basketball on an immortal knight and steal his power so we could damage the boss. Definitely not a classic tank n’ spank raid encounter.

I’ve never been into multiplayer games that much, even tend to play most MMOs solo, but I’m having a blast with the group of friends I’ve found in Destiny. It’s really cool to be facing new challenge in a game we’ve been playing together since last September.