Music Monday - Brimstone Howl

When I was in college I spent hours every week looking for new music. I was really into stoner/desert-rock, and hit the jackpot with a circle of music blogs that exposed me to a lot of cool, under-the-radar stuff. Every new discovery was huge.

I remember looking at older people, like my parents, who barely listened to music, much less looked for new stuff, and wondering how they got that way. And what do you know? Now that’s me. The most I usually do is click over to Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist, find a few good tracks and then immediately forget about them.

I’m going to try to keep on top of new music more, and I think one way to keep myself looking will be to start talking about it.

Of course, counterintuitively, let’s start by talking about some old stuff!

Brimstone Howl has been one of my favorite lesser-known bands for… almost the last decade. I guess I’d describe it as a mix of punk, blues, and garage-rock. They released their last album, Magic Hour, in 2013, and I don’t know if they’re still together. But I do know it’s a damn shame if they aren’t:

A lot of their songs just feel explosive, really raw, but for something a little slower have a listen to Obliterator, which feels like it was dragged right out of a swamp:

Three of their albums are on Spotify, and you can download Magic Hour for free on their bandcamp page.