the whole family

This blog is built on Jekyll using the Poole theme. I am a person built on bones using the coffee theme.

I used to love writing, and I still occasionally jot down passages and ideas, but I’ve been a lot more interested in front-end design lately. Writing gives you rules to follow, but everyone knows the best writers break them. The rules of writing code are stricter, more intricate, and basically involve learning five or six new languages. So, for me, rigging up a website that works has felt more rewarding than fitting nouns and verbs into sentences.

To see some of my work (web stuff, fiction, video, etc.), visit my Projects page. But this is the ‘about’ page, and it’s about ME. So here’s some totally unsorted information:

  • My favorite book is The Crow Road by Ian Banks. He was an incredible author and I’m really sad he’s dead.
  • I try to eat pad thai once a week.
  • I’ve been running for years and I’d still be hard-pressed to say I like it.
  • I play games on PC & PS4, and have poured countless hours into Destiny.
  • These are probably my top 3 favorite bands: Queens of the Stone Age, Brimstone Howl, Oblivians.

That’s it! Those are all the building blocks of my personality, and there’s nothing else. If you have any questions about those topics (or anything else, I guess) use the links in the footer below to reach me.