January 4, 2021

Obligatory, thank God 2020 is complete

I have so many unfinished drafts from 2020, sad little piles of thoughts that only made it out of my head in pieces.

It was a weird year.

Personally, we're very lucky to be mostly unaffected. Able to work remotely, for industries not debilitated by the pandemic, and without any health issues that make us particularly vulnerable. We were able to move back to Michigan, and I'll be thrilled when it's safe again to socialize with family and friends. Until then, it feels like we're only half-moved, still in the kind of limbo that everyone knows well after the last 12 months.

I wish I had been more productive.

I'd talk about my goals for the next year, but I keep thinking of this study: when you talk about your goals, share them, it provides a blip of dopamine you SHOULD only get from actually making progress toward those goals. I don't know, I'll keep it vague. I want to write more and learn more than I did in the past year.

This blog has been dead because though I really enjoyed building it, the challenge of putting my limited React knowledge to work, wiring up Gatsby and Ghost, when it came time to write I didn't have much to talk about. I still don't feel like I do.

Mostly I feel like writing about video games, because gaming is my primary hobby, but rarely do I have something to share that someone hasn't said already. The internet's a big place, lots of people talking, especially about video games.