July 25, 2019

Reading: Mistborn

Brandon Sanderson is amazing.

I read the Mistborn trilogy years ago, before moving on to his other books like the Stormlight Archives and Reckoners series. Last month, I decided to go back.

My reading habits over the last few years have been inconsistent over the past few years. I'll go months without delving into a good book, but then when I find one all I want to do is read every chance I get.

Mistborn felt like that.

Each book in the trilogy has its own tone. Mistborn is almost a heist on a grand scale, full of plotting, plans gone awry and changed at the last minute. The Well of Ascension is full of politics, factions maneuvering against one another in the aftermath of the Lord Ruler's fall. And The Hero of Ages is a story of war, our heroes struggling for every small advantage against overwhelming forces. The shifts in tone are not massive, but the changes in scope and the character arcs make each book feel like a unique part of the whole.

I love the way Sanderson plants seeds of mystery from the beginning, and each reveal feels earned, like if you were smart enough you could piece together some of these puzzles ahead of the curve. The masterful worldbuilding helps with that feeling. Sanderson carefully crafts the world's logic and magic systems, then breaks those rules or introduces new ones in ways that feel natural.

Finishing a trilogy like Mistborn feels rewarding, but it also just makes me want more. Thankfully, Sanderson is one of the most prolific writers working in fantasy today. After finishing The Hero of Ages I immediately started The Alloy of Law, and have since finished that and am halfway through Shadows of Self. Maybe by the time I'm done with the third book, and reread the first three books of the Stormlight Archives, the fourth book in that series will be out.