February 10, 2021

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

It's a great spook, looking forward to the next one.

I have such a spotty history with Resident Evil.

  • Played RE5 in college, had a blast with the coop.
  • Started RE4 multiple times on various consoles and have never made it more than a few hours in.
  • Played RE2make last year and really enjoyed it, played through twice. Haven't picked up RE3make yet.
  • Played RE7 a few weeks ago.

So I'm late to the series and don't have any affection for the series stemming from the old PSX games.

It's not a lengthy game but the pacing is great, the environments have a sublimely creepy atmosphere, puzzles are solid, and they pulled off the transition to first-person pretty well. If I ever get a VR setup I'll have to try this again, but it might give me a heart attack.